4 Custom Publishing Services

Custom publishing services are more expensive than the full-service distribution services listed in another chapter but they give you a truly full-service solution with personal attention.

These companies charge more than the $1500 or so you’ll pay for full-service “packages.” $8000 is probably the median price point. They will do everything, including help you hire a ghostwriter if you need one (which will raise the price significantly). Book marketing services will also raise the price.

These are a few custom publishing services I know and respect but there are many others. Do your research and check Writer Beware for scams.




Aloha Publishing


Aloha is a state of mind for this Idaho-based company. They came on my radar through Nathan Barry’s books and I spoke about tech tools for authors at their conference a few years ago.

Authority Publishing


I’ve known Stephanie Chandler at Authority Publishing for about as long as I’ve been in the self-publishing biz. We’ve spoken on panels together at conferences, and she runs the Nonfiction Writers Conference online every year.

Green Leaf Book Group


Green Leaf is a large company and a very expensive option but they create a lot of bestsellers. They run the imprint for Inc. magazine.


I’ll add more to this section as I find more custom publishing services to recommend. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates!





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