21 Book Sales Tracking Software

When you use tracking you can monitor the effectiveness of your advertising, social media campaigns, and personal appearances. You can also use tracking to see if changes in metadata (keywords, book descriptions, book covers) are working to get it in front of the right audience.



Amazon Kindle

Only shows 90 days of book sales. Free. Reach it through your Amazon Author Central page.

Amazon Author Central


Shows Nielsen BookScan, sales rank, and author rank for each of your books. Free. Reach this data through your Amazon Author Central page.



BookCore connects to your Amazon KDP, Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, and Smashwords, and collects your book’s sales data, tracks reviews and stars, rankings, and revenue. It’s in beta, so it’s not perfect, but this is probably the best and most complete solution of all the tracking tools. Free for now.

Book Report for Kindle


Book Report is a free browser extension or “bookmarklet” to track your earnings in the Kindle store. It’s free unless you earn more than $1000 from your Kindle books, then you’ll pay $10/mo.

eBookTracker for Kindle


See the impact of marketing efforts and price changes on your books’ sales ranks and pricing, know right away when sales start to slow on one of your titles and see how your books’ rank and pricing data compare to those of your competitors. Free.

TrackerBox for Windows


Unfortunately for me, a Mac user, TrackerBox is only available for Windows users. It tracks your book sales across all the major retailers and generates reports that will help you with your sales strategy. Users report that it’s well worth the one-time fee of $59.99.



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