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Affiliate programs and curation tools help you make a few more pennies on each sale of your book as well as on other books and products that you recommend. You can even set up a page (or pages) on your website to “curate” a selection of affiliate books and products.

If you like and trust a product or service and you want to spread the word about it, ask the person or company if they have an affiliate program you can join. (Or just Google “affiliate program productname.”) I do this a lot. For example, I am an affiliate for many companies I recommend in this book, including Book Design Templates, BookBaby, Scribd, Thrive Themes, GoDaddy, 48 Hour Books, Book Review Targeter, Legal Zoom, and Grammarly. They offer me from about 5% to a whopping 30% of sales. So when you click my link, I make a little extra money. (Thank you!)

Interested in doing this yourself? See my in-depth blog post on affiliate marketing for authors.





Upload your own books to Aerio and choose from their inventory of 14 million print books, gifts, games, and more to create a curated storefront on your website to make a small percentage of each sale made through your site.

Amazon Associates


Sign up for Amazon Affiliate program and make a few pennies on your own book and other books and products that you recommend when you use their affiliate links.

Commission Junction


Commission Junction is one of the leading affiliate marketing service in the industry. If you have a niche market and think that you can sell products via your website and blog via recommendations and links, look here for vendors who will give you 5% and more for each sale. For example, I use links from CJ in reviews for travel gear. ShareASale is another popular affiliate marketing service.



Sign up for the Smashwords affiliate program and make a little extra on your own book and other books you recommend when you use affiliate links.



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