About the Author

Carla King, Self-Publishing Boot Camp


Carla King is publisher at Misadventures Media and founder of the Self-Publishing Boot Camp educational program of books, workshops, online courses, and service center for self-publishers and small presses. Her comprehensive Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors is now available in its 4th edition, along with a comprehensive online course launching summer 2018.

Carla spent many years as a technical writer and, in the early days of portable computing, was a freelance writer for magazines like PC World as a travel gear expert. This experience paved the way for a career as an adventure travel writer and she has contributed hundreds of stories to magazines and anthologies.

Her first self-published book was a 1995 guidebook to Cycling the French Riviera. With her writing group, the Wild Writing Women, she self-published Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel in 2001 and sold it to a New York publishing house. (It hasn’t made a penny, since.) Other books Carla has authored include Stories from Elsewhere: Travels on Two and Three Wheels, a memoir titled American Borders: A circumnavigation of the United States on a Russian sidecar motorcycle, and Motorcycling for Women: How to Choose a Beginner Bike. Find all of her books on CarlaKing.com.

Today, she is the publishing technology expert at Bookworks, she pens the adventure travel column for DiscoverBaja.com and has created an online guide to Baja’s Bahia Concepcion area. Her next books are a Baja Adventure Guide and she still struggles to finish her memoir about motorcycling solo across China.

Carla is based in San Diego and Baja, California, where she moved in 2012, yet maintains strong ties in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find her adventures at CarlaKing.com and her self-publishing blog, books and online courses at SelfPubBootCamp.com